November 2, 2018

This Week in Trumpisms

Trump. Donald J. Trump. This deep into the fever dream that is the Trump administration, one would think that there is no way it can get any more ridiculous and yet, it does. Donald Trump started the week on a high note by claiming that he could sign an executive order that would deny natural-born American children, with immigrant parents, the right to be recognized as U.S. citizens. It seems as though our Abuser-In-Chief has forgotten that white Americans are LITERALLY children of immigrants. Literally. If we’re revoking birthrights, which is clearly targeted towards minorities, then we need to go all the way back to when Christopher Columbus ‘discovered America’ and start there.

Of course, Trump couldn’t let that be the only story about him this week and decided to close it out by stating that he would like to build ‘tent cities’ for migrants pending asylum in the U.S. AND implied that the military should open fire on the migrant caravan that is approaching the U.S.-Mexico border, but only if they throw rocks at them. I won’t entertain #TentCities, but to imply that the military use that level of force is just baffling to me. It’s like Trump is sending subliminal messages… out loud. This kind of rhetoric is not only extremely divisive but does more to serve Trump’s own political interests and alliances than anything.

The colonizing mentality that the Europeans had when they came to this country in search of freedom from the monarchy didn’t die with the times. Instead, it has evolved into intellectual colonization which is even more toxic. Donald Trump believes that if you lie loud enough, people will believe you. He finds pleasure in chaos and uses it to feed his universe sized ego. As democracy, free speech and basic human rights are threatened we must dare to be everything we’re being told not to. Now more than ever, we need each other. With that, I leave you with a quote.

“History may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes.”

– Mark Twain

Have a great one folks. Peace!

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